Service assignement

Manage client's services

There are two ways to assign services to clients in the application:

  • To assign a service to multiple clients at the same time, open the corresponding service through the "Services" screen (select the "Service details" item for the corresponding service) and click the "..." button in the upper right corner. Select "Assign service"

  • To assign multiple services to one client, click on its name in the "Clients" screen and select the "Assign service" menu item

In the wizard that opens, select the appropriate services or clients from the list and proceed to the assignment's settings:

Enter the price. By default, the service is provided on a prepaid basis. If you want to charge after the service is provided (postpaid) in this case, turn off the appropriate switch.

Select the date from which the service will be provided.

The mode of service implies several options:

  • End of period - the service is provided for a configurable period

  • Specific date - the service is provided before a certain date

  • Never - the service is not limited by the date (suitable for services including sessions)

  • Last one completed - the service is automatically renewed after the last session is completed

For some types of services, an auto-renewal option and a session balance management option are available.

Click the "Save" button when you are finished setting up the assignment.

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