Change Log

Our app is simultaneously updated for iOS, Android and as a web service. Here we tell you what changes we have made from version to version.

4.12 - 2022-08-22

  • Registration process no longer hangs during geolocation

  • Clients no longer see an incorrect banner

4.11 - 2022-07-01

You are the people who inspire us to develop the app. Your regular feedback and suggestions made it possible to add two new features:

  • Viewing the history of attending sessions in the client's profile and by service

  • Password recovery form

4.10 - 2022-05-26

We've added another way for you to get feedback. Please let us know what you miss in our app!

4.8 - 2022-05-21

In this version, we made small internal changes to improve usage analytics.

4.7 - 2022-04-05

Thanks for your bug reports! Here's what we fixed:

  • Active clients no longer appear as inactive in some cases

  • Got rid of incorrect session balances on client's avatars

  • The date "Valid until:" is now displayed correctly

  • And other even more minor, but annoying bugs

4.6 - 2022-03-23

Providers who have signed a contract to accept payments (processing) from customers can now see their account balance and payment history.

4.5 - 2022-03-17

Thanks to your activity, we have corrected several bugs:

  • Clients should no longer have problems editing their profiles

  • In some cases, the date selection window did not fit on the screen. Fixed!

4.4 - 2022-03-15

Introducing advanced pause management:

  • Provider can set pause limits by service

  • Limits are flexibly configurable in each assignment

  • Customer can manage their own pause (if allowed by the provider)

4.3 - 2022-03-10

After releasing a big update with customer payments and pause management, we found a small bug that we fixed right away. Thank you for your feedback!

4.1 - 2022-03-07

Say 'Hello' to payments for your services directly in the app!

  • Freshened up UX/UI

  • Accepting payments from customers in the app

  • Apple Pay support

  • Advanced management of pauses from the provider's side (editing, deleting)

  • Client-side pause management

3.0.7 - 2021-12-13

  • When editing a service name, the first letter in each word is no longer capitalized.

  • Inactive services no longer appear as active services.

3.0.6 - 2021-10-26

  • The list of clients grouped by service no longer shows clients whose service is not active.

  • Small fixes in language translations.

3.0.4 - 2021-10-18

​A quick fix that lets you switch your role between provider and client through Settings.

3.0.3 - 2021-09-09

We have completely redesigned the master of user registration to comply with GDPR rules.

3.0.2 - 2021-09-01

Small, but useful improvements:

  • When creating a new service assignment, the settings are taken from the previous one.

  • You may change the date and number format in Settings.

  • The client's version is up to date with the latest functionality

3.0.0 - 2021-08-25

We have totally revamped the structure of services. Say 'Hello' to accountable or non accountable sessions. Clean and simple!

Also, you may click on the Wallet icon at the top of the Home screen to gain quick access to your invoices. Tap on an unpaid invoice to mark it as paid.

2.0.2 - 2021-07-09

A password setting option has been added to the More menu. Now, even if you registered via a social network, by setting a password, you will be able to login into the application using your email and password.

2.0.1 - 2021-07-06

Tariff periods are now as flexible as possible. Now you can create a subscription for 4 weeks or 20 days for example.

2.0.0 - 2021-04-21

Introducing paid subscriptions.

1.1.6 - 2021-04-05

We have fixed a small, but annoying bug with the client list.

1.1.5 - 2021-04-01

You can now add an additional email address for notifications on the More - Profile screen. Swipe left to remove the channel if it's no longer relevant.

1.1.3 - 2021-02-07

User account creation/edition improvements.

1.1.1 - 2021-01-26

  • Home screen for providers now gives you more analytics

  • Various UI/UX improvements

1.1.0 - 2021-01-22

Say 'Hello!' to a new major feature: now you can take into account the quantity of one-time services provided, assigned separately or as part of packages.

1.0.2 - 2021-01-05

  • Added German language

  • Various bug fixes

1.0.1 - 2021-01-05

Changes in the client addition process:

  • When adding a client the email is not mandatory anymore. Just remember that without verified email clients are not receiving any notifications.

  • Fixed a bug where 'Next step' button didn't appear in come cases.

Major update in the client's home screen:

  • Added list of your providers

  • Added list of assigned services

1.0.0 - 2020-12-28

Major feature: Client pause management

0.0.33 - 2020-12-15

  • Registration improvements

  • Request support form fix

0.0.31 - 2020-12-12

  • Google ID authentication update

0.0.30 - 2020-12-03

  • Initial release

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