Getting started

How to quick start as a service provider

You are only three easy steps away to make OperCrew an indispensable assistant. Customize your services, create a list of clients and assign them to the services they use. OperCrew will automatically remind customers when it is time for them to make their next payment, and we will provide you with flexible statistics so that you can evaluate the effectiveness of your business.

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Step 1 – create services

In the Services tab, click on the + button in the upper left corner to launch the service creation wizard. Enter a name and choose one of the three types:

  • One-time - a service without renewal functionality, usually provided here and now

  • Subscription - regular, recurring service that can be renewed based on a certain period

  • Package - flexible combination of several one-time services and subscriptions

Next, select the composition of the package or go straight to entering the cost and periodization. Save and your service is ready to use.

Step 2 – add clients

The Clients tab displays the list of your clients, both current and those with whom you have stopped working. To add a new customer, click the + button in the upper left corner of the screen. In the running wizard, enter the client's first name, last name and his(her) e-mail. We will send an email to this address with a link to confirm the client's association with you. Other fields: country, city, notes are optional.

Step 3 – assign services to clients

Services are assigned to clients in two ways:

  • Click on the name of the required client in the list of clients and select the "Assign service" option

  • Within the client's profile on the "Services" tab, click the "Add" button

When adding a service, select the start date and the mode of payment. For subscription and package services, an automatic renewal option is available.

And so, you have created a list of services, clients and assigned who uses what. Further, our service will regularly remind customers about the upcoming payments or the resulting debt. You will be able to register payments, as well as get access to statistics and analytics on the "Home" tab.

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